25 Most Used Hashtags On Instagram

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25 Most Used Hashtags On Instagram

25 of the most popular hash-tags to get noticed and the Internet Marketing

Here is 25 most used hashtag on instagram. 25 of the most popular hash-tags to get noticed and the internet marketing. There is absolutely no undermining the power of the internet considering the fact it can make a person go from rags to riches in a matter of minutes. All it takes is to potentially get “viral” and to storm out into the social media like nothing short of a mega celeb. 
You can’t use Instagram for business without the almighty hashtag. According to Simply Measured, using even a single hashtag increases post engagement by 12.6 percent. Hashtags are an effective way to drive organic traffic to your content. 
The most popular hash tags trending in the internet today by virtue of certain prolific social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, definitively have the ability of transcending immediate recognition to an individual. 

25 Most Used Hashtags On Instagram

Here we take a look at 25 of the most trending hash tags that have been used prolifically over the past in Instagram and Facebook tending to be on top of the list for an array of plethoric reasons. 
  • #Instagood: Well, it is an approach to render something with the status of being ‘good’ in the easiest way possible. 
  • #love: Well love is in the air with this trending hash tag which has seen 700 million hits. There is certainly no end to people falling in love.
  • #tbt: Did something amazing on the pages of the past? Well bring it back in your posts by virtue of Throwback Thursdays, trending as #tbt. 
  • #me: Let’s face it; we all love “me”. It has been trending in over 500 million posts till date and still counting. 
  • #follow: This hash tag does get the person a lot of followers, provided it’s worthwhile. It has been trending in over 200 million posts till date. 
  • #followme: A direct invitation to the people asking them to follow, at-least what it sounds like. Well, it is more of an oblivious approach telling the person, “You are meant to follow me”. 
  • #cute: Yes, Instagram is literally littered with a lot of cute stuff. You name them, you have them. 
  • #photooftheday: This can only be conferred to one of the best pictures which is termed as the “photo of the day”. 
  • #happy: Guess there are a lot of individuals pretty happy on Instagram nowadays. 
  • #tagforlikes: This hash tag has over 200 million hits. Presumably it asks individuals to be tagged for likes. 
  • #beautiful: With pictures, beauty is surely going to be an integral part of it. For Instagram, this hash tag has been going viral.
  • #girl: So, Instagram is a bit on the gender biased side we must say. Just kidding!
  • #Like: We are pretty sure that people would love to have been paid for every time they are “liked”. Virtually ofcourse!
  • #picoftheday: Well it is same as the photo of the day, only different set of words in action. 
  • #selfie: Alright, the world is indeed gone berserk with the trend of selfies. 
  •  #summer: During the summer, you have got to use #summer with beach pictures. 
  •  #friends: Friendship is indeed the greatest feeling of social enigma in the world. 
  • #fun: Now with friends and activities, fun is ought to be an integral part.
  • #smile: Now if an individual has friends and fun with them, they are definitely going to smile. 
  • #instadaily: It is a great way of letting the people know that you are in Instagram routinely, even though they are pretty much aware of it. 
  • #like4like: It’s pretty much similar to “you like my post and I am going to be liking yours.”
  •  #instafood: There is no particular definition but it is somewhat similar to the hashtag “food”. 
  • #fashion: Outstanding pictures of flawless dresses and apparel appeal certainly need to have this hash tag imprinted on them. 
  • #food: Representation of food in a visually enticing way is pretty common on Instagram. This hash tag is especially crafted for such an appeal. 
  • #Instalike: Basically the individual is being asked to not waste a damn second and like the post instantly. 
The hash tags operate on a wide niche of varieties and necessarily bring about quite a lot of followers to be precise.

25 Most Used Hashtags On Instagram







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