Chart Pattern Is Worth A Thousand Numbers

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Chart Pattern Is Worth A Thousand Numbers

Finding Chart Pattern That Can Lead To Big Profits

Top forex traders may argue that your ability to find chart patterns is worth a thousand numbers and a direct correlation to your ability to generate profits. Read this forex blog from forex friend loan describes finding chart pattern that can lead to big profits is in technical analysis to predict possible forex trend direction. Understanding basic chart patterns is integral to preserving your capital which you must do before you even generate profits.

Perfect your chart reading skills because a chart is the trader’s guide to ultimate profitability. For each trading style, from scalping and day trading to swing trading and long-term investing, a chart is worth a thousand number. Professional traders rely on their charts for consistent profits and for guidance on what to do next.

A chart is the trader’s guide to ultimate profitability. For each trading style, from scalping and day trading to swing trading and long-term investing, a chart is worth a thousand numbers. Professional traders rely on their charts for consistent profits and for guidance on how to act next. Charts and trading plans coexisting many ways, a chart is as much of a trading plan as anything else.

It maps out the history of the price in many different scenarios. The chart is just as much a historical reference as anything else, allowing the trader to see how the price has changed over time and proving that results are obtainable with a good trading system. Just take a look at the ups and downs of a forex pair and you’ll see many moves that happen just over a few months that could have made you a big profit.

The professional traders make their living deciphering the code of the ever-changing chart. By studying the ups and downs and everything in between, traders look for returns based on what history has shown them – and what is lined up for the future. When you are in the market, it is important to remember that charts are like a condensed version of history; they repeat themselves over and over and over. Knowing this, professional traders must take a step back and look at all of the information shown in a chart to capitalize on future movements in price.

Each chart means something to everyone else with a day trading perspective, a large peak might show a top.
However, while keeping a long-term investing perspective, it’s merely a small bump in the bottom of a chart pattern. Keep in mind that what you see will differentiate over different time periods. To a long-term investor, the peak was just a bump in the bottom of a chart, while to a day trader, it was a huge mountain ready to fall. Each trader will ultimately view each chart differently, but can still profit from what they see.


The day trading perspective probably sold short for a modest gain, while the investor held on for the long term and locked inconsistent profits. They saw two different things but were both able to cash in: that’s the beauty of chart reading. Profitable traders find the best chart patterns and profit enormously. Chart patterns are an important part of their tools to make consistent profits along with a complete trading plan. The only secret is that hard work pays off in the end.

Professional traders have their own set of patterns. They use to predict the markets. Profitable traders are aware enough to generate a profit in nearly every market. Sideways trends, uptrends, and even downtrends can all be profitable with the proper tools and investment strategy. Creative techniques will help you preserve trading capital while generating huge profits.

To master trading, you must first understand the basic chart patterns. The Double Top and Bottom. The best and easiest chart pattern to recognize is the double top or double bottom. It is marked by two consecutive peaks or dips in price to about the same level. This chart pattern works because the first movement tests new boundaries, and then investors take profit and push the price down.

Then investors re-enter and push the market again to test its new area, while the market again corrects – although this time, there is usually plenty of buying or selling interest that is removed by the large price movements, and the price either tops or bottoms. When the price moves to a position twice, it encounters plenty of orders that were left at the last peak. On a double top, seller sentiment is extremely high, and investors are looking to short the market hard.

Very rarely do people buy when they see a double top, further compounding the move? Flagging Trendlines, Pennant flags are also a very identifiable charting pattern. A pennant flag is a sideways trend that forms where two trendlines meet. When two trendlines touch, buying and selling pressure battle each other out and usually end in a huge downtrend or uptrend immediately following the breakout.

Professional traders have developed very popular strategies such as “straddling” a position or placing a short order below the pennant and a long order above the pennant. When the breakout does happen, in either direction, a trader will automatically enter a position and profit from the breakout.

Head and Shoulders are important, Head and shoulder patterns are also very popular with professional traders.  Ahead and shoulder formation is created when the market makes a three topped chart, with one high peak in the middle surrounded by two lower peaks on each side. These usually mark a downtrend at the top of a chart and an uptrend when found upside down at the bottom of a chart.

The head and shoulders show large buying strength that eventually tapers off as investors take a profit.Reading charts is important in finding profitable opportunities in the market. Developing your ability to recognize patterns is key to growing a portfolio.

Why Look At Chart Patterns?

Chart patterns are naturally occurring patterns in the market that can indicate a big move either to the upside or the downside. Chart Patterns are a very useful tool in the trading world. They are patterns that can give you precise entry and exit signals, and allow you to catch the biggest moves in the market.

So why are they so important?  Why can they give you a great way to trade the forex market?

1. They offer you a target. Chart patterns normally have a target that you can shoot for. This means that when you enter the trade you know what you are planning to happen.

It can be hard to determine how much profit is enough. Where you are just being greedy, and where you still need to hang onto the trade. Well, chart patterns have targets so you know exactly when to take your profits and when to run.

2. They let you cut your losses. In addition to letting you know exactly where you should be aiming for they also allow you to know when the trade is just not working out and it is better if you just cut your losses short.

If a pattern breaks out but fails to move higher and in fact, the price of the stock goes back into the pattern it broke out of, that is a good sign that the pattern has failed and it is likely to start turning against you. So if it was me I would want to exit for a small loss before it became a big loss.


3. Lets you trade all time periods. If you want to be a day trader chart patterns can help you, if you want to hold your market for several days chart patterns can help you, and if you want to hold your market for many months chart patterns can help you.

The same principals apply so you only need to readjust your chart in order for you to trade your desired time frame.

4. They give you a buy signal. With chart patterns, you are no longer guessing when to get into a forex market or when to exit. The patterns have clear bought and sell signals that you can look at.   This lets you develop rules and get in without any emotional factors and eliminating emotions is one of the big keys to being successful in the market.

5. Small losses. You can use chart patterns to help keep your losses small because you know where to exit.  If a market breaks out of a pattern it is a buy signal if it goes back into a pattern, chances are that it will continue to work against you.

6. Manage risk. With chart patterns, you can manage how much you are going to risk on each trade.  When you buy a forex market you always want to have a stop on it just to tell you where you are going to cut your losses at. Well, when you buy a forex market breaking out of a chart pattern you get an idea of where you can place your stop at.

This allows you to be able to see how much you are probably risking on each trade by looking at the difference between the price of the market and support.

If you are just buying strong forex pair in forex market without a game plan to exit the trade you could be really hurting if the market does not go your way. Luckily chart patterns give you a point to cut your losses. If you buy a forex pair in forex market on a chart pattern breakout and it goes back into the pattern that is a sign that the market will probably go down lower and it is time to exit the trade.

Chart Pattern Is Worth A Thousand Numbers